Saturday, September 29, 2018

Sadat: Seeking Accountability for the Unlawful Use of Force

Leila Nadya Sadat (Washington Univ., St Louis - Law) has published Seeking Accountability for the Unlawful Use of Force (Cambridge Univ. Press 2018). Contents include:
  • Geoffrey Robertson, Foreword
  • Leila Nadya Sadat, Preface
  • Donald M. Ferencz, Introduction
  • M. Cherif Bassiouni, The status of aggression in international law from Versailles to Kampala – and what the future might hold
  • William A. Schabas, Nuremberg and aggressive war
  • Robert Cryer, The Tokyo IMT and crimes against peace (aggression) – is there anything to learn?
  • Larry May, The just war in ancient legal thought
  • Kirsten E. Sellars, Definitions of aggression as harbingers of international change
  • David M. Crane, International humanitarian law in an age of extremes: unlawful uses of force by non-state actors
  • Larissa van den Herik & Catherine Harwood, Commissions of inquiry and the Jus ad Bellum
  • Douglas J. Pivnichny, The international court of justice and the use of force
  • Carrie McDougall, The other enemy: transnational terrorists, armed attacks and armed conflict
  • Robin Geiß, Towards the substantive convergence of international human rights law and the laws of armed conflict – the case of Hassan v. the United Kingdom
  • Sergey Sayapin, International law on the use of force: current challenges
  • Yoram Dinstein, The crime of aggression under customary international law
  • Jennifer Trahan, The crime of aggression and the international criminal court
  • Terje Einarsen, Prosecuting aggression through other universal core crimes at the International Criminal Court
  • Manuel J. Ventura, The illegal use of armed force (other inhumane act) as a crime against humanity: an assessment of the case for a new crime at the International Criminal Court
  • John Hagan & Anna Hanson, Aggression, atrocities, and accountability: building a case in Iraq
  • Federica D'Alessandra & Robert Heinsch, Rethinking the relationship between Jus in Bello and Jus ad Bellum: a dialogue between authors
  • David J. Scheffer & Angela Walker, Twenty-first-century paradigms on military force for humane purposes
  • Mary Ellen O'Connell, The presumption of peace: illegal war, human rights, and humanitarian law
  • Leila Nadya Sadat, The urgent imperative of peace
  • Benjamin B. Ferencz, Epilogue