Tuesday, August 7, 2018

New Issue: International Affairs

The latest issue of International Affairs (Vol. 94, no. 4, July 2018) is out. Contents include:
  • Japan's Pivot in Asia
    • Richard J. Samuels & Corey Wallace, Introduction: Japan's pivot in Asia
    • Shogo Suzuki & Corey Wallace, Explaining Japan's response to geopolitical vulnerability
    • Alexandra Sakaki & Junya Nishino, Japan's South Korea predicament
    • Bjørn Elias Mikalsen Grønning, Operational and industrial military integration: extending the frontiers of the Japan–US alliance
    • Mayumi Fukushima & Richard J. Samuels, Japan's National Security Council: filling the whole of government?
    • Takako Hikotani, The Japanese Diet and defence policy-making
    • Tomohiko Satake & John Hemmings, Japan–Australia security cooperation in the bilateral and multilateral contexts
    • Rohan Mukherjee, Japan's strategic outreach to India and the prospects of a Japan–India alliance
    • James D. J. Brown, Japan's security cooperation with Russia: neutralizing the threat of a China–Russia united front
    • Corey Wallace, Leaving (north-east) Asia? Japan's southern strategy
    • Masanori Nishi, Reflections of a practitioner: strategic adaptation in Japan since the 1970s