Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Jackson & O'Malley: The Institution of International Order: From the League of Nations to the United Nations

Simon Jackson (Univ. of Birmingham - History) & Alanna O'Malley (Leiden Univ. - History and International Relations) have published The Institution of International Order: From the League of Nations to the United Nations (Routledge 2018). Contents include:
  • Susan Pedersen, Foreword: From the League of Nations to the United Nations.
  • Simon Jackson & Alanna O’Malley, Introduction: Rocking on its Hinges? The League of Nations, the United Nations and the New History of Internationalism in the Twentieth Century.
  • Andrew Arsan, ‘He Tampers with the Source of Life itself who Tampers with Freedom’: Personhood, the State, and the International Community in the Thought of Charles Malik.
  • José Antonio Sánchez Román, From the Tigris to the Amazon: Peripheral Expertise, Impossible Cooperation and Economic Multilateralism at the League of Nations, 1920-1946.
  • Mats Ingulstad & Lucas Lixinski, Pan-American Exceptionalism: Regional International Law as a Challenge to International Institutions.
  • Nathan A. Kurz, Jewish Memory and the Human Right to Petition, 1933-1953.
  • Florian Hannig, The 1971 East Pakistan Crisis and the Origins of the UN’s Engagement with Humanitarian Aid.
  • Nova Robinson, "Women’s point of view was apt to be forgotten": The Liaison Committee of International Women’s Organizations’ Campaign for an International Women’s Convention, 1920-1953.
  • Sarah Shields, The League of Nations and the Transformation of Representation: Sectarianism, Consociationalism, and the Middle East.
  • Konrad M. Lawson, Reimagining the Postwar International Order: The World Federalism of Ozaki Yukio and Kagawa Toyohiko.
  • Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo & José Pedro Monteiro, Internationalism and Empire: The Question of Native Labour in the Portuguese Empire (1929­1962).
  • Ryan Irwin, Epilogue