Saturday, August 12, 2017

New Issue: International Review of the Red Cross

The latest issue of the International Review of the Red Cross (Vol. 97, no. 901, April 2016) is out. The theme is: "War in Cities." Contents include:
  • Life in a war-torn city: Residents of Aleppo tell their stories
  • Interview with Eyal Weizman: Professor at Goldsmiths, University of London, Director of the Centre for Research Architecture and Director of Forensic Architecture*
  • Michael Evans, Future war in cities: Urbanization's challenge to strategic studies in the 21st century
  • Mark Zeitoun & Michael Talhami, The impact of explosive weapons on urban services: Direct and reverberating effects across space and time
  • Antônio Sampaio, Before and after urban warfare: Conflict prevention and transitions in cities
  • ICRC Q&A on the issue of explosive weapons in populated areas
  • Isabel Robinson & Ellen Nohle, Proportionality and precautions in attack: The reverberating effects of using explosive weapons in populated areas
  • Eric Talbot Jensen, Precautions against the effects of attacks in urban areas
  • Nathalie Durhin, Protecting civilians in urban areas: A military perspective on the application of international humanitarian law
  • The ICRC's approach to urban services during protracted armed conflict: Q & A with Evaristo de Pinho Oliveira
  • Lucy Earle, Addressing urban crises: Bridging the humanitarian–development divide
  • Sahr Muhammedally, Minimizing civilian harm in populated areas: Lessons from examining ISAF and AMISOM policies
  • Samuel Longuet, Permitted for law enforcement purposes but prohibited in the conduct of hostilities: The case of riot control agents and expanding bullets
  • Jeanne Ward, It's not about the gender binary, it's about the gender hierarchy: A reply to “Letting Go of the Gender Binary”
  • Christoph Hensch, Twenty years after Novye Atagi: A call to care for the carers