Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New Issue: European Journal of International Relations

The latest issue of the European Journal of International Relations (Vol. 23, no. 3, September 2017) is out. Contents include:
  • Luca Mavelli, Governing the resilience of neoliberalism through biopolitics
  • Vicki Squire, Governing migration through death in Europe and the US: Identification, burial and the crisis of modern humanism
  • Adrian Little & Nick Vaughan-Williams, Stopping boats, saving lives, securing subjects: Humanitarian borders in Europe and Australia
  • Sandy Brian Hager, A global bond: Explaining the safe-haven status of US Treasury securities
  • Lene Hansen, Reading comics for the field of International Relations: Theory, method and the Bosnian War
  • Felix Rösch & Atsuko Watanabe, Approaching the unsynthesizable in international politics: Giving substance to security discourses through basso ostinato?
  • Jason Ralph & Jess Gifkins, The purpose of United Nations Security Council practice: Contesting competence claims in the normative context created by the Responsibility to Protect
  • Tobias Lenz & Alexandr Burilkov, Institutional pioneers in world politics: Regional institution building and the influence of the European Union
  • Laura Considine, The ‘standardization of catastrophe’: Nuclear disarmament, the Humanitarian Initiative and the politics of the unthinkable
  • Jamie M. Johnson, Beyond a politics of recrimination: Scandal, ethics and the rehabilitation of violence