Sunday, July 16, 2017

New Volume: Australian Year Book of International Law

The latest volume of the Australian Year Book of International Law (Vol. 34, 2015) is out. Contents include:
  • Kirby Lecture in International Law — 2016
    • Justin Gleeson, Australia's Increasing Enmeshment in International Law Dispute Resolution: Implications for Sovereignty
  • South China Sea Agora
    • Natalie Klein, Islands and Rocks after the South China Sea Arbitration
    • Imogen Saunders, The South China Sea Award, Artificial Islands and Territory
    • Tim Stephens, The Collateral Damage from China's 'Great Wall of Sand': The Environmental Dimensions of the South China Sea Case
    • David Letts, Rob Mclaughlin & Hitoshi Nasu, Maritime Law Enforcement and the Aggravation of the South China Sea Dispute: Implications for Australia
    • Tara Davenport, Legal Implications of the South China Sea Award for Maritime Southeast Asia
  • Articles
    • Robin M Smith, State Responsibility and Genocidal Intent: A Three Test Approach
    • Thomas Wooden, The 1954 Hague Convention: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sacred Sites as Cultural Property
    • Alison Pert, The Development of Australia's International Legal Personality