Monday, July 17, 2017

Inaugural Volume: Ethiopian Yearbook of International Law

The inaugural volume of the Ethiopian Yearbook of International Law (2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Zeray Yihdego, Melaku Geboye Desta, & Fikremarkos Merso, Towards Rebalancing the Narrative of International Law
  • Makane Moïse Mbengue & Najib Messihi, The South West Africa Cases: 50 Years Later
  • Jean Allain, Decolonisation as the Source of the Concepts of Jus Cogens and Obligations Erga Omnes
  • Getachew A. Woldemariam, The Place of International Law in the Ethiopian Legal System
  • Derk Bienen, Ethiopia’s WTO Accession at the Crossroads
  • Melaku Geboye Desta, Competition for Natural Resources and International Investment Law: Analysis from the Perspective of Africa
  • Duncan French, The Global Goals: Formalism Foregone, Contested Legality and “Re-imaginings” of International Law
  • Olivia Woolley, Developing Countries Under the International Climate Change Regime: How Does the Paris Agreement Change Their Position?
  • Salman M.A. Salman, The Declaration of Principles on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: An Analytical Overview
  • Jasmin Hansohm & Zeray Yihdego, The South Sudan Crisis: Legal Implications and Responses of the International Community