Friday, May 5, 2017

New Issue: International Security

The latest issue of International Security (Vol. 41, no. 4, Spring 2017) is out. Contents include:
  • Keir A. Lieber, & Daryl G. Press, The New Era of Counterforce: Technological Change and the Future of Nuclear Deterrence
  • Caitlin Talmadge, Would China Go Nuclear? Assessing the Risk of Chinese Nuclear Escalation in a Conventional War with the United States
  • Aila M. Matanock, Bullets for Ballots: Electoral Participation Provisions and Enduring Peace after Civil Conflict
  • Jonathan Mercer, The Illusion of International Prestige
  • H. Zeynep Bulutgil, Ethnic Cleansing and Its Alternatives in Wartime: A Comparison of the Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, and Russian Empires
  • Correspondence
    • Andrew S. Erickson, Evan Braden Montgomery, Craig Neuman, Stephen Biddle, & Ivan Oelrich, How Good Are China's Antiaccess/Area-Denial Capabilities?