Thursday, March 9, 2017

Special Issue: The Changing Rules of War

The latest issue of Dædalus (Vol. 146, no. 1, Winter 2017) focuses on "The Changing Rules of War." Contents include:
  • The Changing Rules of War
    • Scott D. Sagan, The Changing Rules of War
    • Laura Ford Savarese & John Fabian Witt, Strategy & Entailments: The Enduring Role of Law in the U.S. Armed Forces
    • Scott D. Sagan, The Face of Battle without the Rules of War: Lessons from Red Horse & the Battle of the Little Bighorn
    • Joseph H. Felter & Jacob N. Shapiro, Limiting Civilian Casualties as Part of a Winning Strategy: The Case of Courageous Restraint
    • Allen S. Weiner, Just War Theory & the Conduct of Asymmetric Warfare
    • Tanisha M. Fazal, Rebellion, War Aims & the Laws of War
    • Mark S. Martins & Jacob Bronsther, Stay the Hand of Justice? Evaluating Claims that War Crimes Trials Do More Harm than Good
    • Leslie Vinjamuri, The Distant Promise of a Negotiated Justice
    • Seth Lazar, Evaluating the Revisionist Critique of Just War Theory
    • Antonia Chayes & Janne E. Nolan, What Comes Next
    • Paul H. Wise, The Epidemiologic Challenge to the Conduct of Just War: Confronting Indirect Civilian Casualties of War