Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Baltag: ICSID Convention After 50 Years: Unsettled Issues

Crina Baltag has published ICSID Convention After 50 Years: Unsettled Issues (Wolters Kluwer 2017). Contents include:
  • Crina Baltag, The ICSID Convention: A Successful Story – The Origins and History of the ICSID
  • Horia Ciurtin, Paradoxes of (Sovereign) Consent: On the Uses and Abuses of a Notion in International Investment Law
  • Roberto Castro de Figueiredo, The Notion of Investment and Economic Development under the ICSID Convention
  • Matei Purice, Natural Persons as Claimants under the ICSID Convention
  • Chester Brown & Ashique Rahman, Juridical Persons and the Requirements of the ICSID Convention
  • Albert Badia, Attribution of Conducts of State-Owned Enterprises Based on Control by the State
  • Alfred Siwy, Contract Claims and Treaty Claims
  • Hanno Wehland, Jurisdiction and Admissibility in Proceedings under the ICSID Convention and the ICSID Additional Facility Rules
  • Michele Potestà, Preliminary Objections to Dismiss Claims that are Manifestly without Legal Merit under Rule 41(5) of the ICSID Arbitration Rules
  • Monique Sasson, The Applicable Law and the ICSID Convention
  • Sam Luttrell, Bias Challenges in ICSID Arbitration: Unsettled Issues
  • Alejandro López Ortiz, Patricia Ugalde Revilla & Christopher Chinn, The Role of National Courts in ICSID Arbitration
  • Lucas Bento, Mapping the Genetic Code of Provisional Measures: Characteristics and Recent Developments
  • Stefan Dudas, Treaty Counterclaims under the ICSID Convention
  • Markus Burgstaller, Recognition and Enforcement of ICSID Awards: The ICSID Convention and the European Union
  • Silvia M. Marchili & Sara McBrearty, Annulment of ICSID Awards: Recent Trends
  • Matthew Hodgson & Elizabeth Evans, Allocation of Costs in ICSID Arbitrations
  • Romesh Weeramantry, Treaty Interpretation, the ICSID Convention and Investment Treaties
  • Modern Authoritarian Regimes and the Denunciation of the ICSID Convention Vanessa A. Giraud Martinelli
  • Daniel de Andrade Levy, The ICSID Convention and Non-Contracting States: The Brazilian Position Metaphor
  • Dany Khayat & William Ahern, Enhancing the Appeal of Conciliation under the ICSID Convention
  • Daniel Kalderimis, The Future of the ICSID Convention: Bigger, Better, Faster?