Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Call for Papers: XXII Convegno annuale della SIDI (Reminder)

The Italian Society of International Law and European Union Law has issued a call for papers for its Twenty-Second Annual Conference, to be held June 8-9, 2017, at the Università degli Studi di Trento. The theme is: "Migration and International Law: Beyond Emergency?/Migrazioni e diritto internazionale: verso il superamento dell’emergenza?" Here's the call (English/Italian):

XXII Annual Conference of the

Italian Society of International Law and European Union Law

on ‘Migration and International Law: Beyond Emergency?’

Call for Papers

The Italian Society of International Law and European Union Law is issuing a Call for Papers for its XXII Annual Conference on ‘Migration and International Law: Beyond Emergency?’ that will be held at the University of Trento on 8-9 June 2017. The Conference consists of three plenary sessions and two rounds of parallel sessions, the latter being open to participation through this Call. The Call is addressed to both Italian and foreign scholars and welcomes submissions focussing on the public international law, private international law and EU law aspects of migration.

Contributions are particularly welcome in the following thematic areas:

  • the main solutions elaborated by legal scholars as well as policymakers to deal with the phenomenon of migration;
  • the role of international institutions (e.g., EU, WHO, ILO, IOM) and their agencies (e.g., Frontex, UNHCR) in managing migration;
  • the responsibility of States (both origin and host States) and of international organisations in managing migration;
  • the routes of migrants (both forced and voluntary ones) from the State of origin towards the host State, including in relation to the role of non-State actors;
  • the condition of migrants in the Country of arrival;
  • the relationships of migrants with those remaining in the Countries of origin as well as with the host society.
Guidelines for submissions

Abstracts are welcome of no more than 600 words to be submitted in PDF or WORD format to the following e-mail address: convegnosidi2017@gmail.com. The deadline for submission is 15 April 2017. A short curriculum vitae (50-150 words approx.) should be attached to the abstract.

Italian, English and French will be the working languages for both drafting the paper and presenting at the Conference. In this regard, panellists are expected to speak no more than 20 minutes each. All applicants will be notified via e-mail by the end of April 2017 of the results of the selection process. Successful applicants should send the text of their speech by 31 May 2017.

While in principle travel and accommodation expenses will not be reimbursed to panellists, requests coming from young scholars will be considered.

The papers presented at the Conference will be collected in a volume, edited by the Conference organisers and published in the book series devoted to the proceedings of the Italian Society of International Law and European Union Law Annual Conferences. To this effect, contributors are expected to submit their final paper (6000-8000 words max.) by 31 July 2017. Editing criteria will be communicated to contributors together with the decision of acceptance to the Conference.