Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tams, Schill, & Hofmann: International Investment Law and the Global Financial Architecture

Christian J. Tams (Univ. of Glasgow - Law), Stephan W. Schill (Univ. of Amsterdam - Law), & Rainer Hofmann (Univ. of Frankfurt - Law) have published International Investment Law and the Global Financial Architecture (Edward Elgar Publishing 2017). Contents include:
  • Christian J. Tams, Stephan W. Schill & Rainer Hofmann, International Investment Law and the Global Financial Architecture: Identifying Linkages, Mapping Interactions
  • Charles N Brower & Alexandra Goetz-Charlier, International Investment Arbitration and the Global Financial System: Are They ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ or Like Oil and Water?
  • Matthias Goldmann, International Investment Law and Financial Regulation: Towards a Deliberative Approach
  • Hayk Kupelyants, Police Powers of the State in Sovereign Debt Restructurings
  • Christoph Ohler, Restructuring Sovereign Debt on the Basis of Collective Action Clauses
  • Yanying Li, Sovereign Bond Disputes Before Investment Treaty Tribunals: Safeguarding the Exercise of Collective Action Clauses With a Single-Limb Voting Mechanism
  • Marie Sudreau, Bilateral Investment Treaties and the Principles on Responsible Sovereign Lending and Borrowing: Working Together Towards the Provision of an International Legal Framework Addressing Sovereign Debt Issues?
  • Maurice Mendelson & Martins Paparinskis, Bail-Ins and International Investment Law: In and Beyond Cyprus
  • Anna De Luca, Bank Rescue Measures Under International Investment Law: What Role for the Principle Of Causation?
  • Phoebus Athanassiou, Bits and Pieces: Reflections on the Relevance of Bits in Resolution-Related Litigation
  • Prabhash Ranjan, Capital-Flow Management Measures and International Investment Law – Never the Twain Shall Meet?
  • Anastasios Gourgourinis, Crisis as Force Majeure Under International Law and Eu Law: Defending Emergency Measures, À La Européenne, In Investment Arbitration Under Intra-Eu Bits
  • Michael Wolfgang Müller, International Financial Institutions in Investment Law and Arbitration