Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cullen, Harrington, & Renshaw: Experts, Networks and International Law

Holly Cullen (Univ. of Western Australia - Law), Joanna Harrington (Univ. of Alberta - Law), Catherine Renshaw (Australian Catholic Univ. - Law) have published Experts, Networks and International Law (Cambridge Univ. Press 2017). Contents include:
  • Anne Orford, Preface
  • Holly Cullen, Joanna Harrington & Catherine Renshaw, Experts, networks and international law
  • Suzanne Akila, Networks of protection
  • Pammela Quinn Saunders, Advancing the conversation: non-judicial voices and the transnational judicial dialogue
  • Philipp Kastner, International peace mediators: the normative involvement of an epistemic community
  • Josephine Toop, Multilateral environmental agreements and regional fisheries management organisations: experts, networks and global administrative law principles
  • Cameron S. G. Jefferies, Institutional expertise: reconsidering the role of scientific experts in the international conservation and management of cetaceans
  • Tahnee Prior, Engaging complexity: legalising international arctic environmental governance
  • Hitomi Kimura, Environmental government networks with Asian examples
  • Cecily Rose, Non-binding instruments and democratic accountability
  • Kei Nakajima, Traditional and modern designs for an international law of sovereign debt restructuring: a way forward
  • Masahiro Kurosaki, The fight against impunity for core international crimes: reflections on the contribution of networked experts to a regime of aggravated state responsibility