Thursday, February 9, 2017

Koivurova, Qin, Duyck, & Nykänen: Arctic Law and Governance: The Role of China and Finland

Timo Koivurova (Univ. of Lapland - Arctic Centre), Qin Tianbao (Wuhan Univ. - Law), Sébastien Duyck (Univ. of Bern - Institute of European and International Economic Law), & Tapio Nykänen (Univ. of Lapland) have published Arctic Law and Governance: The Role of China and Finland (Hart Publishing 2017). Contents include:
  • Timo Koivurova, Qin Tianbao, Sébastien Duyck & Tapio Nykänen, Introduction
  • Qin Tianbao & LI Miaomiao, Strengthening China's Role in the Arctic Council
  • Ren Shidan, Legal Issues in Arctic Scientific Research: A Chinese Perspective
  • Julia Jalo & Tapio Nykänen, Chinese Arctic Discussion-a Micro Reading of World Affairs
  • Xiaoyi Jiang & Xiaoguang Zhou, China and Maritime Sovereignty and Rights Issues in the Arctic
  • Lassi Heininen, China and Finland in the Globalised Arctic
  • Tapio Nykänen, A Common Heritage-the Place of the Arctic in the Chinese and Finnish Discourses
  • Timo Koivurova, Waliul Hasanat,Piotr Graczyk & Tuuli Kuusama, China as an Observer in the Arctic Council
  • Sébastien Duyck, Conservation of Marine Living Resources and Fisheries Management in the Arctic
  • Adam Stepien, Incentives, Practices and Opportunities for Arctic External Actors' Engagement with Indigenous Peoples
  • Nengye Liu & Kamrul Hossain, China and the Development of International Law on Arctic Shipping
  • Sébastien Duyck, Tapio Nykänen, Timo Koivurova & Qin Tianbao, Concluding Chapter