Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Issue: International Review of the Red Cross

The latest issue of the International Review of the Red Cross (Vol. 96, nos. 895-896, Autumn/Winter 2014) is out. The theme is "Generating Respect for the Law." Contents include:
  • Vincent Bernard, Time to take prevention seriously
  • Interview with Emanuele Castano - Professor and Chair of Psychology, New School for Social Research
  • Knut Dörmann & Jose Serralvo, Common Article 1 to the Geneva Conventions and the obligation to prevent international humanitarian law violations
  • Naz K. Modirzadeh, International law and armed conflict in dark times: A call for engagement
  • Dale Stephens, Behaviour in war: The place of law, moral inquiry and self-identity
  • Chris Jenks & Guido Acquaviva, Debate: The role of international criminal justice in fostering compliance with international humanitarian law
  • Elizabeth Stubbins Bates, Towards effective military training in international humanitarian law
  • Marion Harroff-Tavel, The International Committee of the Red Cross and the promotion of international humanitarian law: Looking back, looking forward
  • Sharon Weill, Building respect for IHL through national courts
  • Annyssa Bellal, Building respect for the rule of law in violent contexts: The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights' experience and approach
  • Geoffrey S. Corn, Contemplating the true nature of the notion of “responsibility” in responsible command
  • Andrew J. Carswell, Converting treaties into tactics on military operations
  • Laurie R. Blank & David Kaye, Direct participation: Law school clinics and international humanitarian law
  • Tim McCormack, Australian Red Cross leadership in the promotion of international humanitarian law
  • Kate Jastram & Anne Quintin, Prevention in practice: Teaching IHL in US legal academia
  • Ido Rosenzweig, Promoting respect for IHL by NGOs: The case of ALMA – Association for the Promotion of IHL
  • Cristina Pellandini, Ensuring national compliance with IHL: The role and impact of national IHL committees
  • Mariana Salazar Albornoz, The work of Mexico's Interministerial Committee on International Humanitarian Law
  • Tania Elizabeth Arzapalo Villón, Peru's National Committee for the Study and Implementation of International Humanitarian Law
  • Frédéric Casier & Alix Janssens, Belgium's Interministerial Commission for Humanitarian Law: Playing a key role in the implementation and promotion of IHL
  • What's new in law and case law around the world? - Biannual update on national implementation of international humanitarian law January–June 2014
  • Matthias Lanz, Emilie Max & Oliver Hoehne, The Conference of High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention of 17 December 2014 and the duty to ensure respect for international humanitarian law