Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bruinsma: Histories of Transnational Crime

Gerben Bruinsma (VU Univ. Amsterdam - Law) has published Histories of Transnational Crime (Springer 2015). Contents include:
  • Gerben Bruinsma, Criminology and Transnational Crime
  • Bruce Elleman, Historical Piracy and its Impact
  • Marlou Schrover, History of Slavery, Human Smuggling and Trafficking 1860–2010
  • Jonathan Grant, The Arms Traffic in World History
  • Carl Trocki, The Criminalization of Drugs. Drugs Before they Were Criminalized
  • Noah Charney, A History of Transnational Trafficking in Stolen and Looted Art and Antiquities
  • Wim Huisman, Annika van Baar & Madelijne Gorsira, Corporations and Transnational Crime
  • Edward R. Kleemans, Criminal Organization and Transnational Crime