Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Issue: Climate Law

The latest issue of Climate Law (Vol. 5, nos. 2-4, 2015) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Issue: Climate Engineering Law
    • William C.G. Burns & Simon Nicholson, Introduction to the Special Issue: Climate Engineering Law
    • Neil Craik, International EIA Law and Geoengineering: Do Emerging Technologies Require Special Rules?
    • David Reichwein, Anna-Maria Hubert, Peter J. Irvine, Francois Benduhn & Mark G. Lawrence, State Responsibility for Environmental Harm from Climate Engineering
    • Jesse L. Reynolds, An Economic Analysis of Liability and Compensation for Harm from Large-Scale Field Research in Solar Climate Engineering
    • Cymie R. Payne, Rachael Shwom & Samantha Heaton, Public Participation and Norm Formation for Risky Technology: Adaptive Governance of Solar-Radiation Management
    • William C.G. Burns & Jane A. Flegal, Climate Geoengineering and the Role of Public Deliberation: A Comment on the US National Academy of Sciences’ Recommendations on Public Participation
    • Nigel Moore, Hajar Benmazhar, Kerryn Brent, Haomiao Du, Viliamu Iese, Salif Kone, Cush Ngonzo Luwesi, Vivian Scott, Jordan Smith, Anita Talberg, Michael Thompson & Zhihong Zhuo, Climate Engineering: Early Reflections on a Complex Conversation