Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Volume: Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs

The latest volume of the Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs (Vol. 31, 2013) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • Roda Mushkat, The Intricacies of Implementing International Law: A Juxtaposition of Theories with the Actualities of the Sino-British Declaration Regarding the Future of Hong Kong
    • Erik Franckx & Marco Benatar, The “Duty” to Co-Operate for States Bordering Enclosed or Semi-Enclosed Seas
    • Irena Ilieva, Countering Terrorism and Protecting Human Rights: An Asian International Legal Dimension
    • Björn Ahl, Treaty Making by the Chinese Central Government and the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong
    • Jure Vidmar, States, Governments, and Collective Recognition
    • Tomoko Yamashita, Do Jus Cogens Norms Invalidate State Immunity? International Restorative Justice and Japanese War Compensation Cases
  • Special Report
    • Michael Sheng-ti Gau, The Prospects for the Sino-Philippine Arbitration on the South China Sea (U-Shaped Line) Dispute