Sunday, September 20, 2015

Noortmann, Reinisch, & Ryngaert: Non-State Actors in International Law

Math Noortmann (Coventry Univ. - Law), August Reinisch (Univ. of Vienna - Law), & Cedric Ryngaert (Utrecht Univ. - Law) have published Non-State Actors in International Law (Hart Publishing 2015). Contents include:
  • Math Noortmann, Cedric Ryngaert, &August Reinisch, Introduction
  • Jean d’Aspremont, Non-State Actors and the Social Practice of International Law
  • Eisuke Suzuki, Non-State Actors in International Law in Policy Perspective
  • Math Noortmann, Transnational Law: Philip Jessup’s Legacy and Beyond
  • Christian Henderson, Non-State Actors and the Use of Force
  • Hans-Joachim Heintze & Charlotte Lülf, Non-State Actors Under International Humanitarian Law
  • Manfred Nowak & Karolina Miriam Januszewski, Non-State Actors and Human Rights
  • Cedric Ryngaert, State Responsibility and Non-State Actors
  • Ramses A Wessel, International Governmental Organisations as Non-State Actors
  • Math Noortmann, Non-Governmental Organisations: Recognition, Roles, Rights and Responsibilities
  • Jan Wouters & Anna-Luise Chané, Multinational Corporations in International Law
  • August Reinisch, Investors
  • Jordan J Paust, Armed Opposition Groups
  • Markus Kornprobst, Non-State Actors in International Relations: Actors, Processes, and an Agenda for Multifaceted Dialogue
  • Alan Chong, Non-State Actors and Soft Power
  • Barrie Axford, Non-State Actors and Globalisation: A Paradigm for a Decentred World?
  • Cedric Ryngaert, Math Noortmann & August Reinisch, Concluding Observations