Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Issue: Journal of International Peacekeeping

The latest issue of the Journal of International Peacekeeping (Vol. 19, nos. 1-2, 2015) is out. Contents include:
  • Brendan Howe, Boris Kondoch & Otto Spijkers, Normative and Legal Challenges to UN Peacekeeping Operations
  • Vesselin Popovski, De-Mythologizing Peacekeeping
  • James Sloan, Militarised Peacekeeping in Darfur
  • Otto Spijkers, The Evolution of United Nations Peacekeeping in the Congo
  • Stephan Hollenberg, Immunity of the UN in the Case of Haitian Cholera Victims
  • Athena M. Nguyen, Sexual Exploitation and Abuse on Peacekeeping Operations
  • Friederycke Haijer & Cedric Ryngaert, Reflections on Jaloud v. the Netherlands
  • Scott Jasper & Scott Moreland, A Comprehensive Approach to Multidimensional Operations