Thursday, August 20, 2015

Kolb: Peremptory International Law - Jus Cogens: A General Inventory

Robert Kolb (Univ. of Geneva - Law) has published Peremptory International Law - Jus Cogens: A General Inventory (Hart Publishing 2015). Here's the abstract:
Given the literature in the field of jus cogens one might ask what could possibly be added to the body of literature already existing in field? Robert Kolb, one of the leading international scholars of his generation, offers a seminal survey of the question of peremptory international law. The book analyses and systemises courts’ diverging approaches, and draws a typology of techniques for judicial protection afforded to individuals affected by UNSC measures. On the basis of this analysis, the book identifies the discrepancies with the international human rights law standards and proposes solutions. The study pays special attention to the persisting problem with the targeted sanctions regime, which is that the grounds and evidence on the basis of which individuals are designated remain largely confidential. The book suggests an amendment to the present UNSC procedure, which would mitigate this problem. This important book is essential reading for all scholars of the subject.