Monday, August 17, 2015

Call for Nominations: Chadwick Alger Book Prize

The International Organization Section of the International Studies Association has issued a call for nominations for the Chadwick Alger Book Prize. Here's the call:

The 2015 Chadwick Alger book prize is now open for nominations. The Alger prize is open to books published in 2015 on international organization, global governance, and related topics, and is sponsored by the International Organization section of the International Studies Association.

Books can be nominated by their authors, publishers, or others. To submit a book for consideration, send copies to the three members of the Prize Committee: Len Seabrooke, Patricia Owens, and Sarah Percy. For questions, please contact Ian Hurd, Chair of the ISA-IO section at

Len Seabrooke
Department of Business and Politics
Copenhagen Business School
Steen Blichers Vej 22
Frederiksberg 2000

Patricial Owens
International Relations
Arts C
University of Sussex

Sarah Percy,
c/o Richard Devetak
Associate Professor in International Relations and Head of School
School of Political Science and International Studies
University of Queensland
Brisbane QLD 4072