Sunday, July 5, 2015

Weller & Xu: The Politics of International Organizations

Patrick Weller (Griffith Univ. - School of Government and International Relations) & Xu Yi-chong (Griffith Univ. - School of Government and International Relations) have published The Politics of International Organizations: Views from Insiders (Routledge 2015). Contents include:
  • Xu Yi-chong & Patrick Weller, Introduction: Understanding the governance of international organizations
  • John Ravenhill, The World Trade Organization as an institution
  • Stuart Harbison, Comment: Weak organization, strong institution
  • Jim Adams, Reform at the World Bank
  • Chrik Poortman, Comment 1: The World Bank
  • Susan Park, Comment 2: Reform at the World Bank—plus ça change?
  • Luc Hubloue & Orasa Vongthieres, Governance at work at the International Monetary Fund
  • Mike Callaghan, Comment 1: IMF governance and decision-making processes
  • André Broome & Leonard Seabrooke, Comment 2: The IMF’s governance of economic policy knowledge
  • Naresh Prasad, The World Intellectual Property Organization
  • Geoffrey Yu, Comment 1: The World Intellectual Property Organization
  • Charles Lawson, Comment 2: The problems of over-representation and fragmented subject areas in reaching agreement at WIPO
  • David Hallam, Turbulence and reform at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
  • Robin Davies, Comment: The relevance, competence, and prospects of the Food and Agriculture Organization
  • Patrick Weller & Xu Yi-chong, The World Health Organization: Some views from inside
  • Sara E. Davies & Jeremy R. Youde, Comment: In reform we trust—the challenge before the World Health Organization
  • Patrick Weller & Xu Yi-Chong, Afterthoughts