Thursday, July 9, 2015

Special Issue: The Crisis in Ukraine

The latest issue of the German Law Journal (Vol. 16, no. 3, 2015) focuses on "The Crisis in Ukraine." Contents include:
  • Special Issue: The Crisis in Ukraine
    • Zoran Oklopcic, Introduction: The Crisis in Ukraine Between the Law, Power, and Principle
    • Jure Vidmar, The Annexation of Crimea and the Boundaries of the Will of the People
    • Brad R. Roth, The Virtues of Bright Lines: Self-Determination, Secession, and External Intervention
    • Mikulas Fabry, How to Uphold the Territorial Integrity of Ukraine
    • Umut Özsu, Ukraine, International Law, and the Political Economy of Self-Determination
    • Outi Korhonen, Deconstructing the Conflict in Ukraine: The Relevance of International Law to Hybrid States and Wars
    • Boris N. Mamlyuk, The Ukraine Crisis, Cold War II, and International Law
    • Stephen Tierney, Sovereignty and Crimea: How Referendum Democracy Complicates Constituent Power in Multinational Societies
    • Yaniv Roznai & Silvia Suteu, The Eternal Territory? The Crimean Crisis and Ukraine’s Territorial Integrity as an Unamendable Constitutional Principle
    • Amandine Catala, Secession and Annexation: The Case of Crimea
    • Ayelet Banai, Territorial Conflict and Territorial Rights: The Crimean Question Reconsidered
    • Malcolm MacLaren, “Trust the People”? Democratic Secessionism and Contemporary Practice
    • Zoran Oklopcic, The Idea of Early-Conflict Constitution-Making: The Conflict in Ukraine Beyond Territorial Rights and Constitutional Paradoxes
    • Andrew Arato, International Role in State-Making in Ukraine: The Promise of a Two-Stage Constituent Process