Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lim & Mercurio: International Economic Law after the Global Crisis

C.L. Lim (Univ. of Hong Kong - Law) & Bryan Mercurio (Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong - Law) have published International Economic Law after the Global Crisis: A Tale of Fragmented Disciplines (Cambridge Univ. Press 2015). Contents include:
  • C. L. Lim & Bryan Mercurio, The fragmented disciplines of international economic law after the global financial and economic crisis: an introduction
  • Rolf H. Weber, Does financial law suffer from a systemic failure? A study of the fragmentation of legal sources
  • Elisabetta Cervone, Credit rating agencies: financial multipolarity, EU regulatory export and the development of global standards through multilevel governance
  • Emilios Avgouleas & Douglas W. Arner, The broken glass of European integration: origins and remedies of the Eurozone crisis and implications for global markets
  • Ross P. Buckley, From regional fragmentation to coherence: a way forward for East Asia
  • C.L. Lim, 'The law works itself pure': the fragmented disciplines of global trade and monetary cooperation, and the Chinese currency problem
  • An Hertogen, Roadblocks and pathways towards inter-state cooperation in increasing interdependence
  • Junji Nakagawa, The industrial policy of China and WTO law: 'the shrinking policy space' argument as sterile fragmentation
  • Tomer Broude & Holger Hestermeyer, The first condition of progress? Freedom of speech and the limits of international trade law
  • Shin-yi Peng, Emergency safeguard measures for trade in services: a case study of intra-disciplinary fragmentation
  • Martins Paparinskis, The schizophrenia of countermeasures in international economic law: the case of the ASEAN comprehensive investment agreement
  • Anita K. Krug, Multilateral convergence of investment company regulation
  • Julien Chaisse, Greek debt restructuring, Abaclat v. Argentina and investment treaty commitments: the impact of international investment agreements on the Greek default
  • Juan Ignacio Stampalija, Chinese bilateral investment treaties: a case of 'internal fragmentation'
  • Antoine Martin, A post-global economic crisis issue: development, agriculture, 'land grabs', and foreign direct investment
  • Tania Voon, Andrew Mitchell & James Munro, Intellectual property rights in international investment agreements: striving for coherence in national and international law
  • Bryan Mercurio, The anti-counterfeiting trade agreement: less harmonization, further fragmentation
  • Lorand Bartels, The WTO legality of the application of the EU's emission trading system to aviation
  • Rafael Leal-Arcas & Andrew Filis, Certain legal aspects of the multilateral trade system and the promotion of renewable energy
  • C. L. Lim & Bryan Mercurio, Conclusion: beyond fragmentation?