Saturday, February 7, 2015

Special Issue: The Never-Ending Reform of the EU

The latest issue of Perspectives on Federalism (Vol. 6, no. 3, 2014) is out. This is a special issue on "The Never-Ending Reform of the EU: Another Chain in the Semi-Permanent Treaty Revision Process?" Contents include:
  • Roberto Castaldi & Giuseppe Martinico, The Never-Ending Reform of the EU: Another Link in the Chain of the Semi-Permanent Treaty Revision Process?
  • Cristina Fasone, Eurozone, non-Eurozone and “troubled asymmetries” among national parliaments in the EU. Why and to what extent this is of concern
  • Tommaso Virgili, The “Arab Spring” and the EU’s “Democracy Promotion” in Egypt: A Missed Appointment?
  • Jerónimo Maillo González-Orús, A new Commission for a new era. Is the parliamentarization of the European Commission the way forward?
  • Giuseppe Martinico, Four Points on the Court of Justice of the EU
  • Giacomo Delledonne, The European Council after Lisbon: A review article
  • Diane Fromage, National parliaments and governmental accountability in the crisis: theory and practice
  • María González Pascual Eurocrisis and Regional States: New trends in the European Regional Policy and the Regions’ future
  • Edoardo Bressanelli, Political Parties in the EU: What’s Next?
  • Fabio Masini, The ECB: towards a monetary authority of a federal Europe
  • Mario Kölling Reform options for the EU budget – first reflections on the new departure for a new EU budget