Saturday, August 2, 2014

New Issue: European Journal of International Law

The latest issue of the European Journal of International Law (Vol. 25, no. 2, May 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • Editorial
    • JHHW, Fateful Elections? Investing in the Future of Europe; Masthead Changes; In this Issue
  • EJIL: Keynote!
    • Anne Orford, Scientific Reason and the Discipline of International Law
  • Articles
    • Sergio Puig, Social Capital in the Arbitration Market
    • Tilmann Altwicker & Oliver Diggelmann, How is Progress Constructed in International Legal Scholarship?
    • Grégoire Mallard, Crafting the Nuclear Regime Complex (1950–1975): Dynamics of Harmonization of Opaque Treaty Rules
  • New Voices: A Selection from the Second Annual Junior Faculty Forum for International Law
    • Moria Paz, The Tower of Babel: Human Rights and the Paradox of Language
    • Arnulf Becker Lorca, Petitioning the International: A ‘Pre-history’ of Self-determination
  • Roaming Charges: Places of Social and Financial Crisis: Dublin 2014
  • EJIL: Debate!
    • László Blutman, Conceptual Confusion and Methodological Deficiencies: Some Ways that Theories on Customary International Law Fail
    • Andrew T. Guzman & Jerome Hsiang, Some Ways that Theories on Customary International Law Fail: A Reply to László Blutman
  • Critical Review of International Jurisprudence
    • Loveday Hodson, Women’s Rights and the Periphery: CEDAW’s Optional Protocol
  • Critical Review of International Governance
    • Wolfgang Hoffmann-Riem, The Venice Commission of the European Council – Standards and Impact