Friday, August 29, 2014

Giorgetti: Litigating International Investment Disputes: A Practitioner's Guide

Chiara Giorgetti (Univ. of Richmond - Law) has published Litigating International Investment Disputes: A Practitioner's Guide (Brill | Nijhoff 2014). Contents include:
  • Bart Legum & Anna Crevon, An Outline of Procedure in an Investment Treaty Arbitration – Strategy and Choices
  • O. Thomas Johnson & David Pinsky, Representing Claimant: Pre-Arbitration Considerations
  • Jeremy K. Sharpe, Representing a Respondent State in Investment Arbitration
  • Eloise Obadia & Frauke Nitscheke, The Role of the Secretariat
  • Chiara Giorgetti, The Arbitral Tribunal: Selection And Replacement Of Arbitrators
  • Andrea Carlevaris, Preliminary matters: Objections, Bi-Furcation, Request for Provisional Measures
  • Mark Clodfelter, Written Proceedings
  • Catherine Amirfar, Oral Proceedings
  • Andrea Kay Bjorklund, Applicable Law in International Investment Disputes
  • Rahim Moloo, Evidentiary Issues Arising in the Investment Arbitration Context
  • Brooks Daly & Fiona Poon, Technical and Legal Experts in International Investment Disputes
  • Neale Bergman, Transparency of the Proceedings and Third Party Participation
  • Michelle Bradfield & Guglielmo Verdirame, Costs in International Investment Arbitration
  • John Crook, The Award and Discontinuance of the Proceeding
  • Carolyn B. Lamm & Eckhard R. Hellbeck, The Enforcement of Awards
  • Veijo Heiskanen & Laura Halonen, Post-Award Remedies