Monday, April 28, 2014

New Volume: Czech Yearbook of Public & Private International Law

The latest volume of the Czech Yearbook of Public & Private International Law (Vol. 4, 2013) is out. Contents include:
  • Studies in International Law and Organizations
    • Čestmír Čepelka, The ILC Articles on State Responsibility: A Reflection Years Later
    • Max Hilaire, The Attitude of the United States Toward International Law
    • Jan Ondřej, Sovereignty and Ownership in Relation to Outer Space and Activities of Private Persons
    • Jakub Handrlica, The Protocol of 1997 to Amend the Vienna Convention on Nuclear Liability and the European Union
    • Michaela Rišová, Addressing the Relationship between State Immunity and Jus Cogens
  • International Law and European Law
    • Emil Ruffer, When the Suit doesn't Suit Them: Jurisdictional Immunities of States in the context of EU Law
    • David Petrlík, Mutual Respect and Residual Tensions between the Systems of Protection of Fundamental Rights in Europe
  • Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law
    • Harald Christian Scheu, The Burden of Proof in European Anti-Discrimination Law
    • Ludovica Poli, Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis under the European Court of Human Rights' Review: An Opening toward a Wider Acceptance of the Technique in Europe?
    • Alla Tymofeyeva, Some Guarantees Regarding Criminal Proceedings Applicable to Non-Governmental Organizations: Protocol No.7 to the European Convention on Human Rights
  • International Criminal Law
    • Pavel Caban, Universal Jurisdiction under Customary International Law, International Conventions and Criminal Law of the Czech Republic: Comments
    • Petra Baumruk, Universal Jurisdiction: a Tool against Impunity
    • Agata Foksa, The Issue of Reparations Before the International Criminal Court: Case Study Prosecutor v. Thomas Lubanga Dyilo
  • Views on Investment and Trade Law
    • Bregt Natens & Jan Wouters, The State of Play and Future of Services Negotiations in the WTO
    • Annelies Vrbova, Markéta Nováková, & Martin Bulánek, The Czech Republic in the WCIT-12
    • Vojtěch Trapl, Thinking Big - Bifurcation of Arbitration Proceedings - to Bifurcate or not to Bifurcate