Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Issue: International Journal of Transitional Justice

The latest issue of the International Journal of Transitional Justice (Vol. 8, no. 1, March 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • Onur Bakiner, Truth Commission Impact: An Assessment of How Commissions Influence Politics and Society
  • Joanna Pozen, Richard Neugebauer, & Joseph Ntaganira, Assessing the Rwanda Experiment: Popular Perceptions of Gacaca in Its Final Phase
  • Kirsten Campbell, Reassembling International Justice: The Making of ‘the Social’ in International Criminal Law and Transitional Justice
  • Francesca Lessa, Tricia D. Olsen, Leigh A. Payne, Gabriel Pereira, & Andrew G. Reiter, Overcoming Impunity: Pathways to Accountability in Latin America
  • Jonah S. Rubin, Transitional Justice against the State: Lessons from Spanish Civil Society-Led Forensic Exhumations
  • Diana Sankey, Towards Recognition of Subsistence Harms: Reassessing Approaches to Socioeconomic Forms of Violence in Transitional Justice
  • Bronwyn Harris, John Eyles, Loveday Penn-Kekana, Jana Fried, Harry Nyathela, Liz Thomas, & Jane Goudge, Bringing Justice to Unacceptable Health Care Services? Street-Level Reflections from Urban South Africa