Monday, January 27, 2014

Call for Submissions: Transnational Legal Theory Symposium on Transnational Criminal Law

Transnational Legal Theory has issued a call for submissions for a special issue on "Transnational Criminal Law." Here's the call:

Transnational Legal Theory

Call for Papers Spring 2014:

A Symposium on Transnational Criminal Law

Transnational Legal Theory publishes high-quality theoretical scholarship that addresses transnational dimensions of law and legal dimensions of transnational fields, regulatory regimes and evolving normative-institutional arenas.

The journal is currently accepting submissions for a special symposium issue that addresses the potential and substance of Transnational Criminal Law (TCL), an evolving and still largely under-explored field of law. TCL is at the intersection of domestic, international and comparative criminal law and reaches deep into contemporary debates over conceptions of crime and illegality, social values and regulatory politics.

Submissions to the symposium may approach the topic from any number of angles, including (but not limited to):

  • Theory and Definition
    • What is transnational criminal law?
    • What are the implications or added value of transnational criminal law to domestic criminal law?
  • Actors and Participants
    • Who benefits from regimes of transnational criminal law? Who is disadvantaged?
    • Who has agency to define and shape transnational criminal law?
    • How does culture inform the development or acceptance of transnational criminal law?
  • Existing and Emerging Regulatory Regimes
    • What issues arise related to legitimacy of such regimes?
    • What problems would arise in the application of transnationalized criminal law with regards to, for example, effectiveness or enforcement?
    • What trends are emerging in the politics of criminalization/decriminalization?
  • Outlook and Prospects
    • How do we address and resolve such issues?
    • What will transnational criminal law regimes change over the next few years? Over the next decade?

We are inviting abstracts and/or full paper submissions for anonymous peer review. Abstracts outlining the direction of the planned submission are invited by Monday 17 February 2014 and final papers are due by Monday 28 April 2014. Abstracts and/or submissions as well as any inquiries should be directed to or