Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Volume: African Yearbook on International Humanitarian Law

The latest volume of the African Yearbook on International Humanitarian Law (Vol. 2012) is out. Contents include:
  • Shannon Bosch, The Combatants Status of "Underaged" Child Soldiers Recruited by Irregular Armed Groups in International Armed Conflicts
  • Khoti Kamanga, Implementation of International Humanitarian Law in Tanzania : a Legal Enquiry
  • Gerhard Kemp, Sina Ackermann, The Elements of the Crime of Genocide and the Imperative to Protect to Protect Certain Groups : Normative Shapers in Criminal Law and the Humanitarian Perspective
  • Mutsa Mangezi, Localised Armed Conflicts : a Factual Reality, a Legal Misnomer
  • Mispa Roux, The Erga Omnes Obligation to Prevent and Prosecute Gross Human Rights Violations With Special Emphasis Upon Genocide and Persecution as a Crime Against Humanity
  • Brian Sang Yk, Legal Regulation of Belligerent Reprisals in International Humanitarian Law : Historical Development and Present Status
  • Christopher Gevers, Alan Wallis, & Max du Plessis, Sixty Years in the Making, Better Late Than Never? : the Implementation of the Geneva Conventions Act