Friday, October 4, 2013

New Issue: ICSID Review: Foreign Investment Law Journal

The latest issue of the ICSID Review: Foreign Investment Law Journal (Vol. 28, no. 2, Fall 2013) is out. Contents include:
  • 2013 Lalive Lecture
    • Alain Pellet, The Case Law of the ICJ in Investment Arbitration
  • Case Comments
    • Walid Ben Hamida, SAUR International SA c République argentine: Droit national, droit international et droits de l’homme : l’histoire d’un ménage à trois
    • Irmgard Marboe, Quasar de Valores SICAV SA and others v The Russian Federation: Another Chapter of the Yucos Affair
    • Julian Davis Mortenson, Quiborax SA et al v Plurinational State of Bolivia: The Uneasy Role of Precedent in Defining Investment
    • Georgios Petrochilos, Bosh International, Inc and B&P Ltd Foreign Investments Enterprise v Ukraine: When is Conduct by a University Attributable to the State?
    • Aniruddha Rajput, AES Summit Generation Limited and AES-Tisza Erömü Kft v Hungary: The Scope of ad hoc Committee Review for Manifest Excess of Powers and Failure to State Reasons
    • Borzu Sabahi & Kabir Duggal, Occidental Petroleum v Ecuador (2012): Observations on Proportionality, Assessment of Damages and Contributory Fault
    • Andrea Marco Steingruber, Antoine Goetz and others v Republic of Burundi: Consent and Arbitral Tribunal Competence to Hear Counterclaims in Treaty-based ICSID Arbitrations
    • Gaëtan Verhoosel & Sabeen Sheikh, Caratube International Oil Company LLP v Republic of Kazakhstan: Revisiting threshold jurisdictional questions—the meaning of foreign control and investment
    • Katia Yannaca-Small, BIVAC BV v Paraguay versus SGS v Paraguay: The Umbrella Clause Still in Search of One Identity
  • Articles
    • Pieter Bekker & Akiko Ogawa, The Impact of Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) Proliferation on Demand for Investment Insurance: Reassessing Political Risk Insurance After the ‘BIT Bang’
    • Giorgio Sacerdoti, BIT Protections and Economic Crises: Limits to Their Coverage, the Impact of Multilateral Financial Regulation and the Defence of Necessity
    • Surya P. Subedi, India’s New Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Treaty with Nepal: A New Trend in State Practice
  • Notes
    • Diane A. Desierto & Desiree A. Desierto, Investment Pricing and Social Protection: A Proposal for an ICESCR-adjusted Capital Asset Pricing Model
    • John Y. Gotanda, Consistently Inconsistent: The Need for Predictability in Awarding Costs and Fees in Investment Treaty Arbitrations
    • Anne K. Hoffmann, Counterclaims in Investment Arbitration
    • Charles T. Kotuby, Jr & Luke A. Sobota, Practical Suggestions to Promote the Legitimacy and Vitality of International Investment Arbitration