Friday, June 14, 2013

Bozbayindir: Turkey and the International Criminal Court

Ali Emrah Bozbayindir has published Turkey and the International Criminal Court: A Substantive Criminal Law Analysis in the Context of the Principle of Complementarity (Nomos 2013). Here's the abstract:
The book offers a comparative perspective with regard to Turkey’s approach towards the International Criminal Court, and a critical analysis of the Turkish substantive criminal law in respect of the principle of complementarity. The first chapter of the book focuses on the Turkish membership issue to the ICC from the Turkish perspective as well as prospects for Turkey’s membership to the Court. The second chapter is a comparative analysis, which deals with the ICC crimes (genocide, crimes against humanity etc.) and the corresponding norms in the Turkish penal code with the assistance of classical legal interpretation and comparative law methods. The third chapter analyzes the issues stemming from the general principles of the Rome Statute’s criminal law, which calls for a review and comparison with their Turkish counterparts. The final chapter of the book shifts its focus from substance to form of legislation through comparing models for implementing international criminal law into municipal law.