Friday, June 14, 2013

Special Issue: Humanitarianism and Responsibility

The current issue of Journal of Human Rights (Vol. 12, no. 1, 2013) is a special issue on "Humanitarianism and Responsibility." Contents include:
  • Glenn Mitoma & Kerry Bystrom, Introduction: Humanitarianism and Responsibility
  • Emma Gilligan, Redefining Humanitarian Intervention: The Historical Challenge of R2P
  • Ayça Çubukçu, The Responsibility to Protect: Libya and the Problem of Transnational Solidarity
  • David P. Forsythe, On Contested Concepts: Humanitarianism, Human Rights, and the Notion of Neutrality
  • Rebecca Walker, Taking a Back Seat: The Uses and Misuses of Space in a Context of War and Natural Disaster
  • Alexandra Schultheis Moore, Témoignage and Responsibility in Photo/Graphic Narratives of Médecins Sans Frontières
  • Shameem Black, Fictions of Humanitarian Responsibility: Narrating Microfinance
  • Crystal A. Parikh, “Come Almost Home”: Human Rights and the Return of Minor Subjects