Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Issue: Journal of International Dispute Settlement

The latest issue of the Journal of International Dispute Settlement (Vol. 4, no. 1, March 2013) is out. Contents include:
  • Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann, The Judicial Task of Administering Justice in Trade and Investment Law and Adjudication
  • David Pavot, The Use of Dictionary by the WTO Appellate Body: Beyond the Search of Ordinary Meaning
  • W. Michael Reisman, The Diversity of Contemporary International Dispute Resolution: Functions and Policies
  • Jon Bae, Review of the Dispute Settlement Mechanism Under the International Civil Aviation Organization: Contradiction of Political Body Adjudication
  • Mihaela Papa, Emerging Powers in International Dispute Settlement: From Legal Capacity Building to a Level Playing Field?
  • Chang-Fa Lo, The Proper Interpretation of ‘Disguised Restriction on International Trade’ under the WTO: The Need to Look at the Protective Effect
  • V.V. Veeder, From Florence to London via Moscow and New Delhi: How and Why Arbitral Ideas Migrate
  • Friedrich Rosenfeld, Mass Claims in International Law
  • Thiago Braz Jardim Oliveira, The Authority of Domestic Courts in Adjudicating International Investment Disputes: Beyond the Distinction Between Treaty and Contract Claims
  • Caroline Henckels, Balancing Investment Protection and the Public Interest: The Role of the Standard of Review and the Importance of Deference in Investor–State Arbitration