Monday, February 4, 2013

Guneratne: Genetic Resources, Equity and International Law

Camena Guneratne (Open Univ. of Sri Lanka - Law) has published Genetic Resources, Equity and International Law (Edward Elgar Publishing 2013). Here's the abstract:

This book examines current developments in international law which regulate the uses of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, and the various property regimes which are applied to these resources by these international agreements.

In the current context of the global food crisis, the development and stability of national agricultural systems is an urgent concern, particularly among developing countries. This stability, and national food security, will potentially be threatened if these countries are unable to have free access to agricultural crop plants. This book analyses a range of international agreements including the recently adopted Nagoya Protocol and demonstrates that in their current implementation they favour private ownership of these resources rather than free access. The book takes the position that this is inherently inequitable and these resources should be maintained in the public domain.