Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Issue: International Studies Quarterly

The latest issue of the International Studies Quarterly (Vol. 56, no. 4, December 2012) is out. Contents include:
  • Etel Solingen, Of Dominoes and Firewalls: The Domestic, Regional, and Global Politics of International Diffusion
  • Fabian Barthel & Eric Neumayer, Competing for Scarce Foreign Capital: Spatial Dependence in the Diffusion of Double Taxation Treaties
  • Stephen Bell, The Power of Ideas: The Ideational Shaping of the Structural Power of Business
  • Jacqueline Best, Ambiguity and Uncertainty in International Organizations: A History of Debating IMF Conditionality
  • Apichai W. Shipper, Influence of the Weak: The Role of Foreigners, Activism, and NGO Networks in Democratizing Northeast Asia
  • Moonhawk Kim, Ex Ante Due Diligence: Formation of PTAs and Protection of Labor Rights
  • Zeev Maoz & Belgin San-Akca, Rivalry and State Support of Non-State Armed Groups (NAGs), 1946–2001
  • Kishore Gawande & Christopher Magee, Free Riding and Protection for Sale
  • James R. Hollyer & B. Peter Rosendorff, Leadership Survival, Regime Type, Policy Uncertainty and PTA Accession
  • Gary Uzonyi, Mark Souva & Sona N. Golder, Domestic Institutions and Credible Signals
  • Stephanie J. Rickard, A Non-Tariff Protectionist Bias in Majoritarian Politics: Government Subsidies and Electoral Institutions
  • Lucy M. Goodhart & Anastasia Xenias, Guns and Money in the Open Economy: The Exchange Rate and the Demand for Arms Imports
  • Julia Gray & Philip B.K. Potter, Trade and Volatility at the Core and Periphery of the Global Economy
  • Virginia Page Fortna & Reyko Huang, Democratization after Civil War: A Brush-Clearing Exercise
  • Alejandro Quiroz Flores, A Competing Risks Model of War Termination and Leader Change
  • Joe Weinberg, Do Majoritarian Electoral Systems Favor Consumers: Identifying Cross-National Consumer Bias
  • Mark A. Abdollahian, Travis G. Coan, Hana Oh & Birol A. Yesilada, Dynamics of Cultural Change: The Human Development Perspective
  • Indra De Soysa & Paul Midford, Enter The Dragon! An Empirical Analysis of Chinese versus US Arms Transfers to Autocrats and Violators of Human Rights, 1989–2006