Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Issue: International Review of the Red Cross

The latest issue of the International Review of the Red Cross (Vol. 93, no. 884, December 2011) is out. The theme is "The Future of Humanitarian Action." Contents include:
  • Discussion
    • Discussion: What are the future challenges for humanitarian action?
  • New Threats, New Responses
    • Elizabeth Ferris, Megatrends and the future of humanitarian action
    • Randolph C. Kent, Planning from the future: an emerging agenda
    • Claudia McGoldrick, The future of humanitarian action: an ICRC perspective
  • Humanitarian Principles Put at Test
    • Felix Schwendimann, The legal framework of humanitarian access in armed conflict
    • Brad A. Gutierrez, Sarah DeCristofaro & Michael Woods, What Americans think of international humanitarian law
    • Jamie A. Williamson, Using humanitarian aid to ‘win hearts and minds’: a costly failure?
    • Bruno Pommier, The use of force to protect civilians and humanitarian action: the case of Libya and beyond
    • Ajay Madiwale & Kudrat Virk, Civil–military relations in natural disasters: a case study of the 2010 Pakistan floods
  • In Folio
    • Paul Bouvier, ‘Yo lo vi’. Goya witnessing the disasters of war: an appeal to the sentiment of humanity
  • Changing Actors and Evolving Practice
    • Andrea Binder & Claudia Meier, Opportunity knocks: why non-Western donors enter humanitarianism and how to make the best of it
    • François Audet, What future role for local organizations? A reflection on the need for humanitarian capacity-building
    • Pierre Gentile, Humanitarian organizations involved in protection activities: a story of soul-searching and professionalization
    • Peter Walker & Catherine Russ, Fit for purpose: the role of modern professionalism in evolving the humanitarian endeavour
    • Philippe Régnier, The emerging concept of humanitarian diplomacy: identification of a community of practice and prospects for international recognition
    • Patrick Meier, New information technologies and their impact on the humanitarian sector