Monday, July 23, 2012

New Issue: International Security

The latest issue of International Security (Vol. 37, no. 1, Summer 2012) is out. Contents include:
  • Stephen Biddle, Jeffrey A. Friedman, & Jacob N. Shapiro, Testing the Surge: Why Did Violence Decline in Iraq in 2007?
  • Robert A. Pape, When Duty Calls: A Pragmatic Standard of Humanitarian Intervention
  • John Mueller & Mark G. Stewart, The Terrorism Delusion: America's Overwrought Response to September 11
  • Strategic and Social Sources of South Asian Insurgencies
    • S. Paul Kapur & Sumit Ganguly, The Jihad Paradox: Pakistan and Islamist Militancy in South Asia
    • Paul Staniland, Organizing Insurgency: Networks, Resources, and Rebellion in South Asia
  • Correspondence
    • Ulrich Krotz, Richard Maher, David M. McCourt, Andrew Glencross, Norrin M. Ripsman, Mark S. Sheetz, Jean-Yves Haine, & Sebastian Rosato, Debating the Sources and Prospects of European Integration