Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Issue: Michigan Journal of International Law

The latest issue of the Michigan Journal of International Law (Vol. 33, no. 1, Fall 2011) is out. Contents include:
  • Eric Stein in Memoriam
    • Contributions from James C. Hathaway, John H. Jackson, Theodore J. St. Antoine, Bruno Simma, Carl. A. Valenstein, Joseph Vining, William Adams, Susanne Baer, Lee C. Bollinger, and Jacques Bourgeouis
  • Symposium: Successes and Failures in International Human Trafficking Law
    • Bridgette A. Carr, Introduction
    • Ambassador Luis CdeBaca, Keynote Address
    • Jonathan Todres, Widening Our Lens: Incorporating Essential Perspectives in the Fight against Human Trafficking
    • Saadiya Chaudary, An analysis of the Effectiveness of European Law
    • Mohamed Y. Mattar, Human Rights Legislation in the Arab World: the case of Human Trafficking
    • Max Waltman, Prohibiting Sex Purchasing and Ending Trafficking: The Swedish Prostitution Law
  • Jennifer Shkabatur, Global Panopticon – The Changing Role of International Organizations in the Information Age