Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nordquist et al.: The Law of the Sea Convention: US Accession and Globalization

Myron H. Nordquist (Univ. of Virginia), John Norton Moore (Univ. of Virginia), Alfred H.A. Soons (Univ. of Virginia), & Hak-So Kim (Univ. of Virginia) have published The Law of the Sea Convention: US Accession and Globalization (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 2012). Here's the abstract:

The Law of the Sea Convention: US Accession and Globalization, provides valuable insight into a number of contemporary and pressing issues concerning the world’s oceans and their management.

Organized into two major section, Part l presents the findings of senior-level experts addressing the fact that the United States is not a Party to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, 1982 (UNCLOS). Brought together on the occasion of the 34th Annual Conference of the Center for Oceans Law and Policy, University of Virginia School of Law (COLP), panels considered the impact of the lack of US participation in UNCLOS, evaluating topics such as energy and economic development, including the undersea cable industry, as well as ramifications for U.S. national security and navigational rights.

Part ll of the volume examines key trends in commercial shipping, piracy and terrorism, islands and rocks, safety and navigational freedom, marine scientific research, and emerging global oceans policy issues. Presented by a diverse group of experts, the work brings together the results of an international meeting co-sponsored by the Korea Maritime Institute, the Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea and COLP.