Monday, March 26, 2012

New Issue: International Affairs

The latest issue of International Affairs (Vol. 88, no. 3, May 2012) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Issue: Rio+20 and the global environment: reflections on theory and practice
    • Robert Falkner & Bernice Lee, Introduction
    • Andrew Hurrell & Sandeep Sengupta, Emerging powers, North–South relations and global climate politics
    • Jennifer Clapp & Eric Helleiner, International political economy and the environment: back to the basics?
    • Robert Falkner, Global environmentalism and the greening of international society
    • Alexander Ovodenko & Robert O. Keohane, Institutional diffusion in international environmental affairs
    • Kenneth W. Abbott, Engaging the public and the private in global sustainability governance
    • Maria Ivanova, Institutional design and UNEP reform: historical insights on form, function and financing
    • Steven Bernstein & Benjamin Cashore, Complex global governance and domestic policies: four pathways of influence
    • Lavanya Rajamani, The changing fortunes of differential treatment in the evolution of international environmental law