Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Issue: Review of European Community & International Environmental Law

The latest issue of the Review of European Community & International Environmental Law (Vol. 20, no. 3, November 2011) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles on Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Alan Boyle, Developments in the International Law of Environmental Impact Assessments and their Relation to the Espoo Convention
    • Jan De Mulder, The Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment: A Matter of Good Governance
    • Jonas Ebbesson, A Modest Contribution to Environmental Democracy and Justice in Transboundary Contexts: The Combined Impact of the Espoo Convention and Aarhus Convention
    • Neil Craik & Timo Koivurova, Subsidiary Decision Making under the Espoo Convention: Legal Status and Legitimacy
    • Simon Marsden, The Espoo Convention and Strategic Environmental Assessment Protocol in the European Union: Implementation, Compliance, Enforcement and Reform
  • General Articles
    • Gerd Winter, Climate Engineering and International Law: Last Resort or the End of Humanity?
    • Yulia Levashova, How Effective is the New EU Timber Regulation in the Fight against Illegal Logging?
    • Leonie Reins, The Shale Gas Extraction Process and Its Impacts on Water Resources
  • Case Note
    • Sophia Kopela, Civil and Criminal Liability as Mechanisms for the Prevention of Oil Marine Pollution: The Erika Case