Monday, March 12, 2012

Conference: Contemporary Issues in Statehood and Recognition

On April 30, 2012, the Society of Legal Scholars and the British Institute of International and Comparative Law will co-host a conference on "Contemporary Issues in Statehood and Recognition," in London. The program is here. Here's the idea:

Panels will explore both contemporary situations in which international disputes have given rise to questions of recognition of Statehood, governments and other entities, and situations, and new issues applicable horizontally in such contexts. Relevant differences between different types of recogntion will be sought. The role of international institutions and of normative factors will be considered.

Issues discussed will include European practice on recognition, the effect of collective non-recognition, and the legal effects of recognition. Speakers will address examples of state practice in relation to Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Kosovo, Palestine and Western Sahara, and there will be a panel devoted to the issue of recognition of governments and other entities in the light of recent (and developing) practice.