Thursday, February 2, 2012

Georgetown University Law Center Foreign Relations Law Colloquium

Here's the schedule for the Georgetown University Law Center Foreign Relations Law Colloquium for the Spring Semester 2012:
  • January 27, 2012: Oona Hathaway (Yale Univ. – Law), Our Foreign Affairs Constitution: The President, Congress and the Making of International Law
  • February 3, 2012: Curtis Bradley (Duke Univ. –Law), Delegating Authority to International Institutions
  • February 10, 2012: Anthony Bellia Jr. (Notre Dame Univ. – Law) & Bradford Clark (George Washington Univ. – Law), The Law of Nations as Constitutional Law
  • February 17, 2012: Trevor Morrison (Columbia Univ. – Law), Historical Gloss, the Separation of Powers, and Institutional Acquiescence
  • February 17, 2012: Laura Donohue (Georgetown Univ. – Law), The Fourth Epoch and the Limits of National Security
  • March 2, 2012: Odette Lienau (Cornell Univ. – Law), Rethinking Sovereign Debt: The Politics of Reputation in the Twentieth Century
  • March 16, 2012: Ashley Deeks (Columbia Univ. – Law), 'Unwilling or Unable': Toward an Normative Framework for Extra-Territorial Self-Defense
  • March 23, 2012: Jack Goldsmith (Harvard Univ. – Law), The Accountable Presidency After 9/11
  • March 30, 2012: Chimène Keitner (Univ. of California – Hastings College of the Law), The Forgotten History of Foreign Official Immunity
  • April 13, 2012: Andrew Kent (Fordham Univ. – Law), The Court’s Fateful Error in Ex parte Quirin, the Nazi Saboteur Case
  • April 20, 2012: David Golove (New York Univ. – Law), The Extended Founding: The Struggle Between Enlightened Statesmanship and Romantic Nationalism in the Early American Constitutional Law of Foreign Affairs
  • April 27, 2012: Richard Fallon (Harvard Univ. – Law), Presidential Powers, Executive Precedent, and the Analogy of Machiavellian Morality