Friday, December 9, 2011

Banks: New Battlefields/Old Laws: Critical Debates on Asymmetric Warfare

William C. Banks (Syracuse Univ. - Maxwell School & Law) has published New Battlefields/Old Laws: Critical Debates on Asymmetric Warfare (Columbia Univ. Press 2011). Contents include:
  • William C. Banks, Toward an Adaptive International Humanitarian Law: New Norms for New Battlefields
  • Geoffrey S. Corn, Extraterritorial Law Enforcement or Transnational Counterterrorist Military Operations: The Stakes of Two Legal Models
  • Gregory Rose, Preventive Detention of Individuals Engaged in Transnational Hostilities: Do We Need a Fourth Protocol Additional to the 1949 Geneva Conventions?
  • David M. Crane & Daniel Reisner, "Jousting at Windmills": The Laws of Armed Conflict in an Age of Terror - State Actors and Nonstate Elements
  • Eric Talbot Jensen, Direct Participation in Hostilities: A Concept Broad Enough for Today's Targeting Decisions
  • Daphné Richemond-Barak, Nonstate in Armed Conflicts: Issues of Distinction and Reciprocity
  • Hilly Moodrick-Even Khen, Children as Direct Participants in Hostilities: New Challenges for International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law
  • Renée de Nevers, Private Military Contractors and Changing Norms for the Laws of Armed Conflict
  • Robert P. Barnidge Jr., The Principle of Proportionality Under International Humanitarian Law and Operation Cast Lead
  • Corri Zoli, Humanizing Irregular Warfare: Framing Compliance for Nonstate Armed Groups at the Intersection of Security and Legal Analyses