Monday, November 7, 2011

New Issue: Revue Hellénique de Droit International

The latest issue of the Revue Hellénique de Droit International (Vol. 64, no. 1, 2011) is out. Contents include:
  • Monika Pauknerová, Treatment of foreign law in a comparative perspective
  • Spiros V. Bazinas, Uniform receivables financing law: key policy aspects of the United Nations Convention on the assignment of receivables in international trade
  • Constantine D. Mortopoulos, Cave canes impugnates: a legal analysis on armed contractors, ‘peaceful mercenaries’, and the consequences on command responsibility
  • Special File: Adoption law in the Balkans: International conference organized by the Institute for the State & the Law of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Sofia, 10 October 2010
    • Ekrem Kurt, Adoption in the Turkish civil law
    • Ines Medić Musa, International adoption in countries of South-eastern Europe: Croatia – national legislation, applicable law
    • Flavius George Pancescu, L’adoption en Roumanie
    • Antonia R. Papadelli - Adoption according to Greek law
    • Zeynep Derya Tarman, Adoption under Turkish law
    • Spyridon Vrellis, The ordre public clause in the Greek case law on adoption
    • Mirko Živković & Sanja Marjanović, International adoption in Serbian law
    • Questionnaire on the law of adoption (A.R. Papadelli & Z.D. Tarman)
  • Georgios Panopoulos, Quels droits fondamentaux pour quel droit communautaire
  • Eleni Zervogianni, On the recovery of non-pecuniary loss in Greece