Monday, September 19, 2011

Symposium: International Humanitarian Law

A recent issue of the Israel Law Review (Vol. 43, no. 2, 2010) contains a symposium on international humanitarian law. Contents include:
  • Nigel Rodley & Yuval Shany, Introduction
  • Dino Kritsiotis, The Tremors of Tadić
  • Jean d’Aspremont, Multilateral versus Unilateral Exercises of Universal Criminal Jurisdiction
  • Marco Roscini, The United Nations Security Council and the Enforcement of International Humanitarian Law
  • Matthew Happold, Protecting Children in Armed Conflict: Harnessing the Security Council’s "Soft Power"
  • Andrea Breslin, Ensuring Respect for International Humanitarian Law: The European Union’s Guidelines on Promoting Compliance with IHL
  • Eitan Diamond, Before the Abyss: Reshaping International Humanitarian Law to Suit the Ends of Power