Friday, September 23, 2011

New Issue: Journal of International Criminal Justice

The latest issue of the Journal of International Criminal Justice (Vol. 9, no. 4, September 2011) is out. Contents include:
  • Current Events: The Residual Mechanism: Bringing the Work of the Ad Hoc International Criminal Tribunals to Completion
    • Daryl A. Mundis, Foreword
    • Guido Acquaviva, Was a Residual Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals Really Necessary?
    • Thomas Wayde Pittman, The Road to the Establishment of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals: From Completion to Continuation
    • Catherine Denis, Critical Overview of the ‘Residual Functions’ of the Mechanism and its Date of Commencement (including Transitional Arrangements)
  • Articles
    • Robert Charles Clarke, Return to Borkum Island: Extended Joint Criminal Enterprise Responsibility in the Wake of World War II
    • Diane Bernard, Ne bis in idem — Protector of Defendants’ Rights or Jurisdictional Pointsman?
  • Revisiting Classics
    • Guido Acquaviva, At the Origins of Crimes Against Humanity: Clues to a Proper Understanding of the Nullum Crimen Principle in the Nuremberg Judgment
  • Anthology: Donnedieu de Vabres on Universal Jurisdiction
    • Paola Gaeta, Introductory Note
    • Henri Donnedieu de Vabres, The System of Universal Jurisdiction: Jurisdiction: Historical Origins and Contemporary Forms
  • Highlights
    • Ruth Frölich, Current Developments at the International Criminal Court
  • Readers' Comments
    • Neil Boister & Benn McGrady, Why and How to Make a Treaty Crime of Medicine Counterfeiting: A Reply to Attaran, Bate and Kendall
    • Amir Attaran, Roger Bate, and Megan Kendall, A Response to the Comments by Boister and McGrad
  • Book Reviews: Core Readings in International Criminal Law
    • Robert Cryer, Superior Scholarship on Superior Orders: An Appreciation of Yoram Dinstein’s The Defence of ‘Obedience to Superior Orders’ in International Law
  • Book Reviews: Review Essay
    • William Thomas Worster, On the Purposes of Legality and its Applicability to International Law